What we believe

Today, power is concentrated within a largely white and male elite that dictates how the rest of us live. On their watch, the wealth gap has reached an all-time high, border walls and violent policing cause unthinkable tragedy, and women are losing control over our own bodies. And every time we turn on the TV, the same talking heads are dominating the narrative.

Seneca Strategies is a women-run political consulting firm in the business of redistributing power.

We envision a world where every person can go to school, afford a home, and visit the doctor—without going broke. We believe in a government that stops privileging the most privileged. It’s time to change who dictates the conversation. And we want women, workers, immigrants, people of color, LGBTQIA communities, and young people to lead the movement.

What we do

Our mission is simple: win power for progressive change-makers.

Founders Elana Leopold and Monica Klein met in 2011 as the first staffers on Bill de Blasio’s Mayoral race, helping build the campaign’s infrastructure and later serving as key advisors in City Hall. After delivering a second Mayoral victory in 2017 and in the wake of Trump’s re-election, Klein and Leopold helped co-found The Broad Room—an activist training camp for young women—and launched Seneca Strategies.

Named after Seneca Falls, the first women’s rights convention in the United States, we support progressive and diverse candidates and causes. We are a political consulting and strategic communications firm with vast experience on local and national campaigns, in government, and with national organizations and non-profits.

Our team elevates the most important voices in social justice with high-impact communications, from messaging development to earned media. We support insurgent candidates by ensuring more women of color, working class folks, and young people have access to donor dollars. We connect public figures and brands in line with the movement to front line organizations and candidates that need their support. And as political veterans with a decade of experience in progressive politics, we fight to win.